Friday, May 02, 2008

Concert Post

The Verve, Ricoh Coliseum

Last night at around 8:30, I wondered if the crowd would show up for The Verve. It's easy to forget the band since they broke up in 1999 following the release two years prior of their best album, Urban Hymns. (If you don't recognize the name, that's the album that featured "Bittersweet Symphony.")

After the Verve broke up, the face of the band - ever since the hard-to-forget "Bittersweet Symphony" video was released - Richard Ashcroft, released three solo albums. They were all strong efforts, and I had previously seen Ashcroft play live. When the Verve re-formed last year, I knew I'd want to see the band do the same. So I was there, and many others did show up, but the Kool Haus would have been a better venue for the concert.

How was it? I enjoyed the set, which lasted nearly two hours. The crowd most appreciated "Lucky Man" and the aforementioned "Symphony."

The band didn't play much new material, and I'm not convinced what they did play was particularly strong. It somehow felt old and unpolished. The Verve is expected to release a studio album, their fourth, in August. I'll reserve judgment until then whether getting the band back together was the right decision.


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