Thursday, May 08, 2008

Conference Finals

Predictions, More

I hold Montreal most responsible for my abysmal 5-7 record after my first- and second-round predictions: why Canadiens why?

Anyways, the penultimate round starts tonight and there's no better time to make things right by correctly picking the Stanley Cup final.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh: While the Flyers unexpectedly defeated the Canadiens, proving Bob Gainey's risky move to choose Carey Price over Cristobal Huet was a mistake, Philly's playoff hopes run into a real-deal team, the Penguins, and the Flyers will - no shock - lose. (Thank me for my near run-on sentence.)

Western Conference

Dallas vs. Detroit: I predicted a Detroit premature meltdown in each of the last two rounds, and the team has shown to be a bit stronger than I thought. Now playing the Stars, is there any other opponent the Red Wings could play who is more familiar with their playoff hopes being dashed? Probably, but in this case, I'll say the Stars do what they're famous for since they last won the cup back in '99. Detroit, baby, Detroit.

So, it's the Penguins vs. the Red Wings come the Final. Unless of course I'm wrong, which is quite possible.