Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Finale

Let The Theorizing Begin

Last night's Lost finale capped the best season of the series since the show's first. In typical fashion, the answers given created new questions.

This AP article sums up the finale well, though there isn't much theorizing, which I'll be on the look out for. I take a spectator's role in all of that, mostly because offering possible explanations for the last four seasons has been mostly a foolish game.

The criticism of Lost is that it asks far too much from the audience. The most critically lauded dramas, The Sopranos or The Wire, asked the audience to pay attention too. The idea that Lost is asking for too much is the reason someone should just watch CSI or another show that is suitable Background TV.

Lost hasn't lost me, but the shows that take little care in building their characters have, which is the reason I watch little TV these days.


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