Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Must-See CBC

CBC Announces Fall TV Plans

I'm terribly excited about CBC's fall plans announced yesterday:

The public broadcaster did announce a full slate of miniseries and specials, including Céline, which chronicles the career of Quebec chanteuse Céline Dion; Everest, which tells the story of Laurie Skreslet and Pat Morrow, the first two Canadians to summit the world's highest mountain and stars William Shatner and Beverley Hills 90210's Jason Priestly; and another iteration of Test the Nation called Test the Nation: Canada, eh?, which brings together six teams made up of weathercasters, former Reach for the Top contestants, new Canadians, Canadian Forces personnel, tour guides and American-Canadians to see how well they know Canada.

The Dion miniseries plus a Shatner-Priestly team-up? I hope these don't go up against my soaps as I wouldn't want to make a hard decision.


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