Friday, May 23, 2008

Reader Mail

Rare Reader Email Feedback

It's not often I hear from my readers, which probably means I have very few (but the few I do have, thank you for wasting your time here); so when I get some reader feedback sent to my email account no less (it's strange they didn't just post it in the comments section), I feel it's important to share (have you kept track of this heavily parenthesized sentence?).

Hey asshole,

You're blog is a piece of shit. The videos you post and the links you post are stupid and show how you're a fucking loser. You add nothing to anything you post and you're a dumbass anyways. Not like I'd want your shit opnion. Fuck you and go fuck yourself. Asshole.


I felt it was only time until someone called me on it, and so it took a Mr. Youradouche to point out the problems with this blog after 391 posts. I take his/her criticisms to heart and I will work hard to continue to disappoint.


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