Friday, June 13, 2008

Chris Martin

The Album Is Great and Martin Turns Extra-Sensitive

After listening to Viva La Vida more than a dozen times (the album goes by quickly), I'm certain it's Coldplay's best. Where their other albums tended to lag in the final third before strong finishes, the new album continues to move and didn't make me consider hitting the skip button. The band has cut the one or two 5-plus minute tracks that when I heard them randomly, out of order, I couldn't identify their titles.

So the band accomplished their goal to create a landmark album. And now comes the histrionics.

Specifically: Chris Martin abandoned a radio interview after the interviewer asked a couple questions that rattled him. I always thought Martin as a good guy, and one instance of I'm-a-super-sensitive-musical-genius won't sour my opinion of him. But I hope he doesn't make this a routine. If he did, I'd have to ask: Is this guy a douche bag like so many others?


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