Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Colbert's Address

Stephen Colbert's Inspirational Words to the Class of 2008

On the weekend, Stephen Colbert spoke to the Princeton Class of 2008:

"Gandhi said, 'you must be the change you want to see in the world,' " Stephen Colbert told an audience of thousands at the Class Day ceremony this afternoon. "But may I also point out he drank his own urine, so let's not go overboard on his advice."

Though the Class of 2008 "can change the world," Colbert said, he pleaded with its members to "please don't do that."

"Some of us like it the way it is," he explained. "Personally, things are going great for me right now."

"The job of savior looks like a really hard one," he said. "I mean, Jesus only took the job to please his dad — and he reminded us that if you wanted to be like him, you had to take up the cross and follow him."

"To me, that thing looks kind of heavy. Wouldn't it be easier for you to take up your remote control and follow me?" he added.

Colbert did finally acknowledge the seniors' potential for achievement, calling the Class of 2008 "a virus that will soon be unleashed upon the world with an unstoppable drive and infectious enthusiasm."

"And you will reproduce — I'm fairly certain you know how to do that by now," he added.

Colbert also advised the graduating class not to worry "about making a difference … with your lives," explaining that "one of the things that stays the same is that you are going to change things, and there's nothing my generation can do about that.

For example, "Aaron Burr certainly changed the way we think about the office of vice president," he said. "After that it was completely acceptable for [the vice president] to shoot someone in the face."

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