Friday, June 20, 2008

Leafs Playbook

The Jays Turn Desperate

The awful Toronto Blue Jays have decided to do what the awful Toronto Maple Leafs did and hired someone from their past to be a fill-in for the present.

Welcome back, Cito!

I'm sure this will work.



Kerry said...

But take heart: the Jays can't do what the Leafs seem to be doing. They can't ship their under performing superstars off to Montreal because the Expos skipped town years ago.

Czobit said...

Well, I wouldn't say Sundin underperformed last season - his stats would have had him second in scoring on Montreal* - but yes, the Jays couldn't insult their best player by offering him up to their Montreal rival.

I don't think there's a quicker way to become hated in Toronto, then to leave as captain of the Leafs to play for Montreal.

*And with a real team, Sundin would have done more.

Kerry said...

If it's any consolation, there may not be any quicker way to become hated in Montreal than to have been an ex-Leaf and an ex-Nordique and then turn up on the Canadiens roster.

If he really, really wants to win a Cup before he retires, he should go to Detroit. The Habs' next championship is a few years off, whereas a Detroit repeat is very feasible. Others have also pointed out that Leafs fans wouldn't feel quite as betrayed because the animosity between the two teams just isn't the same.

Czobit said...

I don't think Sundin's motivation is to win a Cup. If it was, he would have left Toronto long ago.

He's a guy who wants comfort and a good paycheque. Sundin is familiar with Quebec, and that's why he's trying to sign with them. But the money will have to be right, too.

Cliff Fletcher is a fool, but letting Sundin go may be the only way this team ever wins a meaningful game again. When your franchise player is 37, you know you have major problems.

Kerry said...

Fair point. It's too bad he doesn't get to go out big. He did get the Olympic title, though, and at least he's not headed to Ottawa...

Hey, there's the silver lining. Montreal's pre-game ceremonies are, at worst, redundant and self-congratulatory. But there was never a gladiator pep talk. (And Detroit's number retirement ceremonies are lame.)