Monday, June 02, 2008

More Links

Who Said There's No Art in a Link Dump?

OK, you can say it when I do it: "There's no art in your link dumps, Michael." But that won't stop me from offering another post such as my last one.
  • Up on B& is an appreciation for J.G. Ballard, an author whose name I keep on hearing lately. Ballard has been diagnosed with a terminal form of prostate cancer.
  • Ben Ratliff reviews the new Journey and Weezer albums. He says one is good, the other so-so, which one is which, however, may surprise you.
  • Wyatt Mason writes about Joseph O'Neill's nearly universally-approved novel, Netherland. Mason also points to an old O'Neill Granta piece, which is worth a read.
  • I'm going way back with this link, but here's a description of the new Neal Stephenson novel, Anathem. I haven't Stephenson before but I do have a copy of his Cryptonomicon.
  • Check the index of the summer fiction issue of the New Yorker: Philip Gourevitch, James Surowiecki, Elizabeth Colbert, Vladimir Nabokov, Tobias Woolf, and George Saunders, among others. Too bad some of these names can be read only in the print version.
  • Jose Mourinho is back coaching in football, or will be this upcoming season in Serie A for Inter Milan. Inter has had success in Italy's domestic league that past few seasons, but on the international stage, the club has been a disappointment. With Mourinho taking over, international success may occur.
  • Also Man City sacks Sven-Goran Eriksson.
  • Horrendous quality, but this cellphone trailer reveals a plot element from The Dark Knight.
  • And Granta reports from BookExpo America.

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