Friday, June 06, 2008

Music Thoughts

Weezer, Portishead, My Morning Jacket

Portishead's new disc, Third, is probably their best, but it took 10 years between it and the band's second album. Their fourth? The band says they plan to start much sooner. Will they? Um, your guess.

I've listened to My Morning Jacket's new album at least four times since it appeared on their MySpace page. Right now it's the best album of the year, followed by Sam Robert's new disc.

What's not so good, and to my disappointment, is Weezer's new Weezer a k a The Red Album. The first four songs on the album are its best, and then the album turns into a one-dimensional, derivative mess. The lyrics for "Thought I knew" are embarrassingly amateurish; "Everybody Get Dangerous" features the lyric "Boo yah," and the bonus tracks on the deluxe version make the disc weaker. I'm happy the band created four songs I like, but the overall album is a forgettable effort.


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