Monday, June 16, 2008

Opposite Opinion

How Do I Agree with a Negative Review and Still Like the Album?

Pitchfork has published its review of Coldplay's new album, and unsurprisingly, the reviewer, Ryan Dombal, doesn't like it much.

The weird thing is that while I agree with some of what Dombal says, I still like Viva la Vida. Perhaps I'm just a Coldplay mark no matter what bad things I hear even if I agree? Perhaps why I can agree with Dombal is that while he spends most of his review tearing down Chris Martin, his lyrics, and the point of the band, Dombal concludes:

Because while they ape their forebears without mercy, there's no mistaking a Coldplay song from a U2 or Radiohead song. The new album expands their individuality in tiny, effective ways while maintaining their world-beating gifts. The record's violent, revolution-themed artwork is misleading. Viva is more like a bloodless coup-- shrewd and inconspicuous in its progressive impulses.

It's not the kindest appreciation of the album, but it does, after all, show the album can be appreciated.

Oh, and who gives a fuck about Pitchfork anyways?


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