Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stanley Cup

I Guess I Was Wrong

I thought that going into the final Pittsburgh would play well, and win the Cup much sooner than anyone forecast. But from Game 1 to the last game last night, Detroit was the better team (as clich├ęd as that sounds).

There are number of good stories in the Red Wings' Cup win, and I'm sure they're not hard to find (I'm too lazy to round 'em up). Pittsburgh looks like a future champion, and that's the story that will be peddled to soothe the sting of their loss. But nothing is a sure thing - ask Detroit how many times in the past few seasons they seemed destined to win the Cup - and the Penguins will have to do more to get back to the finals.

It was a good season even if the Leafs were horrible. Now comes the off-season that is really the on-season for boardroom decisions and actions.


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