Sunday, July 20, 2008

€100m Kaká

The Possibility Gets Me Jealous

Last month I ended my support of Chelsea FC in favour of Barcelona. Though I don't hate the team, I had a number of reasons (all uninteresting to write about here) to stop supporting Chelsea. Then yesterday, the London club was linked to a €100m transfer for perhaps the best footballer in the world, Kaká.

If the transfer were to go through, it would make me quite jealous. First, because Chelsea would have added a player that would make the club the favourite to win the Champions League next season. Second, because I'm quite fond of Kaká and his incredible talent. And third, because the most significant move my new club Barça has made this transfer term was shedding the ineffectual Ronaldinho.

Can't Barça come up with a shocking transfer, one to make me forget that it's more important to win games than add players that only might help?


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