Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Batman Gear

Wired Looks at the Bat Gadgets

Being the Batman fan that I am, I won't hesitate to say I'm very excited for The Dark Knight opening this week. I'll write a bit more about Batman later but until then you should check Wired's Alt Text blog for a grading of Batman gear. An excerpt:


When I was a kid, a superhero having a car seemed completely natural, yet utterly cool. Sure, Superman could reverse time and lift mountain ranges, but Batman had a car! With fins! Nowadays, though, the Batmobile seems painfully unlikely. I can accept that the police force would cooperate with an anonymous, violent vigilante with a series of fragile teenage sidekicks. I can't, however, accept that the Gotham Department of Parking and Transportation would let him get away with an unregistered vehicle. I don't care how advanced Wayne technology is, that sucker's getting towed.
Grade: B-


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