Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Darwyn Cooke Announces Parker Adaptation

The San Diego Comic Con International is this weekend, which means a ton a of comic book announcements. First one I noticed is Darwyn Cooke's upcoming adaptation:
Wednesday's preview night at Comic-Con International in San Diego saw the announcement that Darwyn Cooke will be adapting the "Parker" series crime novels by Donald Westlake (under the pen name Richard Stark) as a series of four full-length graphic novels for IDW Publishing. As previously reported on CBR in an interview with Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier, a series of three cards with art by Cooke will be available from specific locations exclusively at Comic-Con. We spoke with Cooke about the "Parker" graphic novels, which will begin appearing in summer 2009.

While comics adaptations of prose fiction can take many forms, Cooke said that the "Parker" series of graphic novels would leave much of Westlake/Stark's source material untouched. "The concept here is to simply edit the existing novel to remove visually descriptive passages and any narrative that can be expressed through pictures," Cooke told CBR. "It is my hope to keep every word of Westlake/Stark's dialogue intact, making minor changes only when the adaptation process demands it.



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