Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miller's Batman

Frank Miller's Next Batman Projected, Seemingly Forever Delayed

I have yet to read a better Batman than Frank Miller's work on the character (though Alan Moore's The Killing Joke comes close with Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum).

So while Miller failed to convince me in the Times today that his new film, The Spirit, will be anything but some bizarre Sin City non-Sin City film, he did intrigue me about his next Batman project that he is expected to also illustrate:
"I have a bunch of drawing I want to do," he said. One project, which began as "Holy War, Batman!,” a series with a post-9/11 context, has shifted. "As I worked on it, it became something that was no longer Batman. It’s somewhere past that, and I decided it’s going to be part of a new series that I’m starting."
Expected publication date? Um, never? Miller's talked about this new Batman project since 2006.


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