Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Cover

Jon Swift: The Voice of Reason on the Obama Cover Controversy

To generalize, people are very sensitive to anything and everything these days. One example is the New Yorker's Barrack Obama cover from this week. Thankfully Jon Swift offers his insight on this latest controversy:

I loved the illustration, which I thought was a very powerful statement about how Barack Obama should not be elected President, and as Jonah Goldberg noted, it could have been a cover illustration for the National Review, which used to be called the Harvard Lampoon before it went national and changed its name. But I must say I also agree with many in the liberal blogosphere who believe that satire and most other kinds of humor should be avoided at all costs. I have long been opposed to satire, which just causes unhealthy confusion and, like fluoridated water, weakens our body politic. How can we fight an enemy that doesn't have any sense of humor at all if our media is distracting us with such esoteric and ill-advised attempts at comedy?



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