Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Replacing Sundin

Leafs Cement Line-Up, Looks Awful

With the re-signing of Matt Stajan yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs have set their line-up for the upcoming season. Unfortunately it appears to be of bottom-of-the-conference quality. The Star projected the lines:



Extras: Bell, J. Mitchell



Extras: McCabe, Kronwall, White, Frogren


Starter: Toskala. Backup: Joseph

Missing from there is Mats Sundin, though he may still join the club. According to the Star, the Leafs' offer to Sundin is worth $7 million, $13 million less than the Vancouver Canucks' insane offer. If Sundin comes to his senses and chooses to continue his career not for the Leafs, then the club will need to replace him as captain.

Based on that line-up, I think there is only a single choice that would make sense: Tomas Kaberle. Bryan McCabe isn't option as the Leafs want him gone. And the forwards are either too young or too hard to picture as a viable replacement for Sundin. Kaberle has been with the club long enough, has played well enough, and seems like he could carry on one thing the Leafs often do get right: picking a good captain.


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