Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Writing

The Star, Again

It happens more often these days: The more I read the Toronto Star, the more I'm compelled to turn to the paper's obit pages to see if a reporter has written one for the Star itself. Why? Because of reports like these.
Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson in plane crash

Laura Stone
Staff Reporter and Canadian Press

Barenaked Ladies singer Ed Robertson was one of four people involved in a small plane crash yesterday afternoon in Bancroft, just south of Algonquin Park.

But unlike bandmate Steven Page, who earlier this summer was arrested on drug charges in New York state, Robertson emerged from this incident unscathed.

Question One: What does Steven Page's arrest have to do with his bandmate escaping a plane crash?

Question Two: Is the reporter suggesting drugs were involved in the plane crash?

Question Three: If not, then why would the reporter take the story of plane crash to make a dig at Page?

Question Four: Who said Robertson escaped "unscathed"? There are no quotations from Robertson or spokesperson for him that say he didn't suffer psychological trauma.

This is bad reporting, and though the story is only 10 paragraphs, running it on page 2 of the paper and the front page of the website suggests the Star feels it's important. Some care should have been taken when publishing it. Instead readers are left with a typical Star story.


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