Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Palin

James Wolcott Weighs In

From Wolcott's blog:
I'm watching the newest sensation in celebrity eyewear, Sarah Palin, in her debut campaign whistlestop performance w/ John McCain and the impression she creates is distinctly minor league, a pastel shade of sturdy but flimsy. If she were running for Congress, she'd be a perfectly credible, fully accessorized mediocrity, but on the presidential stage she looks like somebody you'd book to introduce the person introducing the person introducing the main speaker--a warm-up act for the warm-up act. Or, to put it another way, she suggests a local-news anchorperson rather than a network host, an acceptable stand-in in a pinch but not a permanent answer to anything. No bass-note intimation of depth or intellectual reflection emerges from that reedy, unwarm instrument that is her voice, and her call-out to Hillary Clinton had all the insincerity of Eve Harrington extending her bare arm in tribute to Margo Channing.


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