Monday, September 08, 2008

Crazy Miller

Frank Miller Provides Further Proof He Has Lost His Mind

If the embarrassing and disappointing clips of Frank Miller's The Spirit adaptation were not enough for me to believe Miller may have lost his ability to make creative decisions (at least in film), then Miller's suggestions for the next Batman film all but confirm my worries:

Miller still wants to see a movie version of his groundbreaking graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and he thinks Sylvester Stallone should star. He told the LA Times:

"Just that mouth of his, the scowl and the way it would look in a mask. I loved 'Rocky Balboa.' This wounded warrior, that's what Batman is in 'Dark Knight Returns.'"

This is the same Stallone who to the best of my knowledge doesn't speak English any more. At least not proper English. English grunts, yes. Coherent sentences? Yes, if you watch him with subtitles.

The good part about Miller offering his opinion on the next Batman film is that it's so never-gonna-happen that there's not a chance Warner Bros. would actually turn to this guy to continue the Batman franchise now that the latest rumour is Christopher Nolan is finished with the character.



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