Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

The Best Reason Not To Use It

Ed Champion writes about section 11.1 of Google Chrome's terms of service:
Anyone who uses Chrome will technically own the copyright, but who needs copyright when the Chrome user effectively gives up her right to distribute this content in all perpetuity and without royalties? So if Joyce Carol Oates is using Chrome and types an email to someone, she "owns" the copyright. But Google has the right to use anything that Ms. Oates types into Chrome for any purpose. And if someone reveals highly personal information through Chrome — like, say, the details of one's sex life, an early draft of a novel, or some very embarrassing incident — Google has the right to reprint this anywhere. And not only do they get to reprint this content, but they can likewise generate revenue from it. Revenue that should, by all rights, go to the person who authored the content in the first place.
I wasn't impressed with Chrome when I played around with it a bit yesterday afternoon. But knowing about section 11.1 guarantees I won't be using it anytime soon.

I wonder if using Gmail entitles Google to do the same rights? I never bothered to read Gmail's terms of service, which in hindsight probably means nothing as I've written nothing worth Google's time to republish elsewhere.


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