Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plagiarism Here

"Liberals accuse Harper of plagiarism"

From the Globe:
Nearly half of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's 2003 speech urging Canada to send troops into Iraq was copied word-for-word from then Australian prime minister John Howard, Liberal MP Bob Rae charged this morning.
Normally I would shrug my shoulders - figuratively, literally would be too much work - but Rae brings up a good point:
Mr. Rae said the copied speech is damning evidence of the fact Canada is losing its own voice in foreign policy under a Conservative government. The country has become a parrot of right-wing interests from the U.S. and other foreign countries under Harper's Conservatives, Mr. Rae said.
It seems bizarre that while the U.S. may finally turn to a more liberal choice as president this year that Canadians seem destined to give a right-wing party a win in its parliamentary election.

The Globe article continues:
"How can Canadians trust anything that Mr. Harper says now?" Mr. Rae said during a speech in Toronto. "Stephen Harper's government has taken Canada down a foreign and defence policy path unworthy of our great country."
Who trusts anything any politician says?


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