Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Concert Post

The Killers @ Massey Hall, November 18

I've been lucky this year with my concert selection. Every show I've seen has been fantastic, and a few have been exceptional including last night's Killers concert at Massey Hall.

I had seen The Killers play the Air Canada Centre last year. That night I was sitting in the upper bowl, which may explain why I felt the show lacked a bit of energy. Sure it was enjoyable, but I didn't feel a connection to the band. Last night sitting not far from the stage, aided with a raucous, sing-along crowd, that connection was there. Brandon Flowers was far more relaxed and more polished than I've seen him before.

The band played five off their new album, Day & Age, which will be released next Tuesday: "Human," "Spaceman," "Losing Touch," "Neon Tiger" and "Joy Ride." The first two new I listed are familiar, and easy to listen to; I think I'll need another listen on the other new songs before I can give a thumbs up.

Lastly, the band played all of their big hits of their first two albums and the crowd, predictably, loved them. One of the best performances though was the cover of Joy Division's "Shadowplay."

All in all, as cliché summarizers go, a fantastic show. I'm looking forward to the band's return to Toronto in January.


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