Saturday, November 01, 2008

Open Letter

Looking to Tuesday

Where was I the month of October? Certainly not here; I couldn't even be bothered to post the occasional video post or to link to an article that I found interesting. I was busy, and had to ignore this blog more than I would like. It's that time of year when the wind grows a chill. This year maybe it gets colder. I hope not.

Tuesday, America votes and the world seemingly hangs in the balance. Every election is more important than the last and this presidential one would seem to be the ultimate election; I use 'ultimate' in its slang usage, not meaning the last because in four years there will be another. I haven't come across many people who would prefer John McCain win, though it may not matter for Canada who wins.

OK: yeah, right.

The result matters because if you read Barack Obama's books, if you listen to his speeches, if you get swept into his vision of the future, you must believe that if he loses Tuesday that the world will never be the same. A loss may feel like September 12th; everything changes for the worse (or stays the same for the worse); hope eviscerated; the world at its end.

Of course, all of that is hyperbole. And I have to think that if Obama loses, it may cement his legacy; a path not chosen, prosperity not realized. If he wins, the expectations of his presidency will be impossible to match with actual results. But I would be insane to care about Obama's legacy at this time. He needs a chance.

What can Canadians do? Unless they have dual-citenzenship, nothing. There is no world vote. We're left to trust a nation that has done a lot to lose the world's trust in the past eight years.

Well, I hope. I'm not confident and I wouldn't be surprised. But I hope. One election won't change the world - no matter who wins - but you have to think Obama has the best chance to do so.


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