Friday, December 05, 2008

Prospekt March

Coldplay's New EP

Earlier this week I listened to the new EP from Coldplay, Prospekt March; a bit light, but an enjoyable 27 minutes or so. However listening to it, I was a bit distracted by comments Chris Martin had said last month, suggesting the band would disband at the end of 2009. This suggestion from Martin changed the listening experience, sort of like if someone knew The White Album was the beginning of the end for the Beatles.

But today I came across this:
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has laughed off rumors the band is on the verge of splitting, insisting the group will never break up.

Last month, Martin hinted that the band would cease in 2010, adding: "I'm 31 now and I don't think that bands should keep going past 33."

But now he has reassured fans that the band still has a lot of music left in it, and is focusing all its energy on the next album.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "We're proceeding as if it's our last because it's the only way to proceed.

"You've got to have deadlines, you know. What that means is we're going to pour everything we can into next year and not think beyond that. We always say that and we always mean it. But every time we say it, someone writes that it's over.

"I don't think we'll ever split up but we have to do a lot before we're 33."
Changes things, but doesn't change the fact that Martin is an attention seeker.


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