Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tony Gilroy

The New Yorker Plays Vanity Fair

It's not very often you see a Vanity Fair-like article in the New Yorker but with ad sales down, I can understand that the New Yorker is trying their best to lure more readers, and thus, more ads, to its pages. It's a good thing though that when the New Yorker plays Vanity Fair, it offers a fun article still worthy of its own pages.

The article in question is D.T. Max's profile of director Tony Gilroy, which can be read here. Gilroy is, of course, the director of the fantastic Michael Clayton, and has a new film out next Friday, Duplicity, which will likely force me to end my moratorium on seeing anything with Julia Roberts in it. Yes, it makes me sick but a guy needs to be entertained.


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