Sunday, April 05, 2009

Baseball Season

Actually Excited About the Jays

Yes, I couldn't have expected that in April of 2009 I would be looking forward to the coming baseball season. It's not that I dislike baseball; it's that the Blue Jays disappoint so quickly that I lose interest in the games (in fairness, I've lost interest in the NHL this season and that's why I haven't bothered to write about the Leafs lost season). Sure, I could solve this by supporting a team not based in Toronto, but for me, that seems like abandoning a friend because he's an unemployed loser now.

So the Jays home opener is Monday, and I hope they can surprise everyone and make the playoffs. I have my doubts. In today's Times, there's an enjoyable article about the Jays best pitcher, Roy Halladay. Gives us hope that we have the best pitcher in the league. Unfortunately he only plays one out of every five games.


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