Sunday, May 03, 2009

Book Blurb

Darling Jim by Christian Moerk

Christian Moerk's Darling Jim was published in 2007, but only this year made the voyage to North America. Set in Ireland, the novel tells the story of three sisters, their aunt and storyteller/confidence man, Jim, and how his actions lead to several murders.

It's hard to classify Darling Jim. It's part gothic, part horror, part mystery, and perhaps, part romance. Moerk uses third-person and first-person narration; the latter coming in the form of two diaries. My only problem with the novel are the diaries, which based on the circumstances they are written, make them less believable than the rest of the story.

What's enjoyable about Darling Jim is a plot that expands on a small idea. In his acknowledgements at the end, Moerk describes the story that served as the idea for the novel. From that real-life news story that probably came in around 200 words, Moerk has created a 285-page to be read one weekend when you're having trouble deciding on the type of book you'd like to get lost in. Moerk's story is a good one, and it's good to finally have been published here.


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